Some things never change…

Or maybe they do – eventually!

In time-honoured Baseline tradition, the lack of news on this site doesn’t even start to reflect the amount of work done at Handcooked.

With seemingly never enough time to keep both the Handcooked and Baseline websites even slightly updated – while dealing with constantly busy workloads from both – a wee step back from it all was required.

A wee step turned into a big one, and the result was – no more Baseline! After running a vaguely successful design company for 16 years, a changing of the goalposts was probably well-overdue and most definitely needed.

So there’ll be a new Handcooked site launched soon – well, at some point anyway 😉 – and a renewed focus on continuing to “just try and make some cool stuff”.

We now make badges…

Iona Village Hall Music Festival 2015While not strictly screen-print related, for this year’s Iona Village Hall Music Festival we’d produced a limited edition of button badge sets – based on the previous design & print work individually done for Idlewild, Admiral Fallow and the the festival itself.

While not available through our shop, we do have a handful of these sets still  left – which we’ll sell as part of a bundle with any print orders… just drop us a separate email to: info@thisisbaseline if you’re interested.



BMX Bandits

BMX Bandits screen-printed posterWe were pretty happy (SO happy, in fact) to recently get involved in producing a limited edition run of seventy five A2 screen-prints for the legendary BMX Bandits.

Reproducing on one of their old concert posters from 1986, the artwork and colour separations were pieced together from a scan of the original printed poster – with extra special attention paid to recreating the Letraset feel of the type on the original poster.

The print went on-sale at the bands recent Dundee and Glasgow gigs and should also be available on-sale online soon somewhere – see for further details.


New website

Not that Handcooked Posters has very been away… but we’re back!

After the Handcooked work having only featured within our main Baseline website over the last couple of years – and admittedly having to take a little bit of a back seat to our more commercial design work – we’ve decided to re-launch Handcooked as a separate site once again – this time with it primarily being shop-based/print-focused.

So all of our design work will be showcased over at – with our prints and our commercial screen-print work (which, as a mainly design-based company, we haven’t really focused on) – over here at the Handcooked site.

All sounds pretty straightforward – but it has literally taken about seven years to figure out how best Baseline, Handcooked and myself all quite happily co-exist!